Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Jewish Cemetery in Lodz

Yesterday, in addition to the places visited that were already mentioned, we also went to the Jewish cemetery in Lodz. This place was huge. Just to give a sense of scale, according to the records more than 250,000 people are buried there. Or there are more people buried in the Jewish cemetery than live in the city limits of Pittsburgh.

This cemetery has a scary fairy tale feel about it. While efforts are underway to renovate and restore the graves, if you contemplate the scale of restoring and renovating more than 250,000 gravesites, it is overwhelming.

Aside from the unkempt nature of the cemetery there is an interesting memorial left just inside the gates. There are several ditches. These ditches were dug by the remaining survivors of the Lodz Ghetto. However the Russians were advancing and the brave German soldiers ran away without murdering the final survivors of the Ghetto. These ditches are a memorial to this small miracle.

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